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Tucker Carlson: The left loves that Jeff Sessions is 'suffering and humiliated' because of Trump

Fox News host Tucker Carlson decried President Donald Trump's continued attacks on the attorney general over his recusal. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Fox News host Tucker Carlson decried the rhetorical attacks by President Donald Trump on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, saying that it was "nuts" for him to undermine the only ally who completely believes in "Trumpism" from the beginning.

"It was one of the more dramatic days in memory, at least politically, as the president continued a protracted rhetorical assault on his own attorney general, Jeff Sessions," Carlson said on his show Tuesday. "It began before breakfast this morning with this tweet."

Carlson quoted Trump's Tuesday attack on Sessions, "Attorney General Jeff Sessions has taken a VERY weak position on Hillary Clinton crimes (where are E-mails & DNC server) & Intel leakers!"

"Well, the attacks continued throughout the day, Carlson continued. "In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, he described himself as 'very disappointed' in his attorney general. He went on to dismiss the importance of Sessions' endorsement last year during the primaries, which was the very first he received from a sitting senator."

"This afternoon in a joint press conference with the prime minister of Lebanon," he said. "Trump went after Sessions yet again, saying he was upset with the attorney general for recusing himself from the Russian investigation, and not doing enough to combat leaks from U.S. intelligence agencies."

"Unfair to the presidency," Carlson repeated, quoting the president. "Well, the Russian investigation is certainly that. It's unfair to the country, too."

"The whole thing is stupid and disingenuous as we pointed out many times," he explained, "and it helps nobody but the partisans who are pushing it. So it's easy to understand the frustration the president feels. But publicly attacking Jeff Sessions for all of that?"

"That is nuts," Carlson concluded.

"Senior White House staff thinks so too," he said. "They have asked the president to stop, so far without success. Meanwhile, Sessions hasn't said a word. His only public comment has been a press release describing his plans to crack down on sanctuary cities. That's his job.

"That's the point here," he continued, "Jeff Sessions has done what he was hired to do as he has done since day one. Trump ran on securing the borders, Sessions took him seriously, and has worked to do that."

"Jeff Sessions has stayed true to the ideas that got Trump elected. That's why the left hates Jeff Sessions more than any other member of the cabinet," Carlson explained. "They are rejoicing tonight and not just because Sessions is suffering and humiliated, but because the Trump coalition seems to be fracturing."

"Trump got elected because he said true things that everybody else was afraid to say," he said. "Namely, the American middle class is in deep trouble and elites in both parties don't care."

"Sessions agreed with that message," he continued. "That's why he endorsed Trump and left a good job in the Senate to work for him. Which is how we got to his weird and ominous moment where the one guy in Washington who actually believes in Trumpism is being forced out of his job by Trump himself.

"The president should remember that the ideas he ran on are bigger than he is," Carlson concluded, "and will remain that way."

Carlson has been pleading with Trump to stop attacking Sessions since at least Thursday. Many have speculated that the president is building a case against Sessions in order to fire him, and then fire special counsel Robert Mueller.

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