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Destruction: 7 videos capture the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating impact on the coast of Texas. (Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Hurricane Harvey has had a devastating impact on the Texas coast. Emergency personnel spent most of the day taking boats out to rescue people and pets.

Here's what's taken place in Texas:

Waist-high water

Towns along the Texas coast are seeing waist-high water. Once water levels go town, residents will have to prepare to repair their homes while others will have to completely rebuild.

Search and rescue

Police officers and firefighters are traveling by boat to rescue hundreds of stranded people and pets.

Rescued children

Rescue crews in Houston were focused on getting children out of areas with severe flooding.

A neighborly rescue

Neighbors helped an elderly man with a pacemaker who was trapped in chest-deep water. They got him out of the chest-high water and into the boat to safety.

A family evacuation

People are making sure their animals evacuate with them. One man put his two dogs in a cooler in order to carry them to safety.

Dinner anyone?

A family in Houston had so much water in their living room that fish were swimming around. One man caught the fish that was seen swimming in his home.

Reporter turned hero

Brandi Smith, a reporter with KHOU-TV out of Houston, was on the air live when she found out her station headquarters were being evacuated for having two feet of water.

During her live broadcast, Smith flagged down a Harris County emergency response team to let them know a big rig driver was stuck in approximately 10 feet of water.

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