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Rush Limbaugh says Trump's tax plan is 'populist' class envy, not conservatism

Rush Limbaugh tried to explain the difference between populism and conservatism to Sean Hannity by citing President Trump's tax plan, which he said is pure populism. (Image Source: Twitter video screenshot)

Right-wing talk icon Rush Limbaugh spoke to Hannity on Fox News Friday and tried to explain the difference between President Trump's populist policies and traditional conservatism.

Here's the video of the segment with Hannity:

What did Rush say?

"I don't think the president is ideological. And I've said this a number of times," Limbaugh said, "when he sees Chuck Schumer, he doesn't see the guy we see. He sees a typical New Yorker, he may be dumb and stupid, but he doesn't see 'leftist S.O.B.' he doesn't see that."

"He doesn't see it that way but there's not a criticism," he aded, "I mean not everybody's ideological."

"The best definition of populism versus conservatism is his tax plan," Limbaugh explained. "His tax plan is pure populism."

"It is put together on the belief, which is a Democrat party belief," he continued, "that a majority of Americans want the rich punished. Or that a majority of Americans ant the rich not to benefit when they do - that's a Democrat party class envy argument."

"If what I'm told is true," he added, "and if the president is the reason upper brackets are not gonna get relief, then it's pure populism. He's simply saying where is the majority of people that I can get the most support from, and he's making the calculation that there are far more people in the middle class than there are in the one percent, which is an easy calculation to make."

"The conservative, and I don't even mean pure, the conservative philosophy is across the board, no class envy, talk about how great America is," Limbaugh continued, "talk about how this will spur economic growth, which will benefit everybody, you don't make victims out of some, and uh demons out of other. You look at the country as one giant economic engine that you have to ignite."

"But if you have to leave people out of your primary effort to cause growth, then that's populism, that's not conservative," he concluded. "Individual Trump policies, the immigration - he's instinctively conservative on a lot of things."

Is Rush's representation accurate?

It is unclear so far. Trump's tax plan outlines the new tax brackets, but doesn't outline where the brackets begin and end. Because of that, Limbaugh might be depending on what he's heard from his sources in politics, which have been pretty accurate in the past.

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