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Here's what Hillary Clinton plans to do for her next job — and it makes perfect sense

Hillary Clinton is in talks with Columbia University to take on a faculty role there, reports say. (Justin Sullivan/Getty Images)

Nearly a year after losing the White House to Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton may finally have her next job in the works.

What is she considering?

According to the New York Daily News, Clinton is in talks with Columbia University to potentially take a faculty position at the Ivy League school.

A source told the Daily News that several paths have been considered for Clinton. One possibility is that she could take on a role as a "university professor," which would allow Clinton to "lecture across a range of schools and departments without the requirement of a strict course load," the source said. Other possibilities include joining the school's esteemed law school or school of international and public affairs.

"It's all fluid. It could be a number of things. No decisions have been made, but there are talks," a source told the Daily News.

Another added: "She's trying to figure out what she wants to do. It could end up with the papers at one place and she has some sort of faculty role at another. She hasn't quite come to a decision."

When will Clinton make the decision?

Clinton is currently on a book tour promoting her new book about her failed presidential campaign, "What Happened." The book tour is expected to continue for the remainder of 2017. A decision about her future in academia will be made shortly thereafter, according to the Daily News.

Writer's perspective: Columbia — the perfect fit

Columbia would be a perfect fit for Clinton. After all, her daughter is currently an adjunct professor there and it's where her former boss, former President Barack Obama, honed his law skills.

A position at the elite, $70,000 school would also surround her with who she knows and loves best: rich liberals.

It makes perfect sense.

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