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Donna Brazile slams Jake Tapper in her new book for 'betraying' her

Donna Brazile, the former DNC interim chair, said that CNN's Jake Tapper betrayed her after it was revealed that she had snuck a question to the Hillary Clinton campaign meant to be asked at a debate between her and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.). (Image Source: YouTube screenshot composite)

The political world is still reeling from the revelations in the book written by former Democratic National Committee Chairwoman Donna Brazile, and the latest excerpt details how she accused CNN's Jake Tapper of betraying her.

Why is she accusing Tapper of betrayal?

Brazile said that she was shocked to hear Tapper rail against her after it was revealed that she provided the Clinton campaign a question that was to be asked during a CNN debate between Hillary Clinton and Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

"The next day, even Jake Tapper took a swing at me, calling me unethical and 'journalistically horrifying' during a radio interview with WMAL even though I worked for CNN as a commentator not a journalist," she wrote in her book.

The incident was revealed when WikiLeaks published emails hacked from campaign manager John Podesta before the election. An email apparently showed Brazile sending the campaign a question from the debate. Brazile says in the book that she was never able to find in her account the email attributed to her.

"When I called him on this," she continued, "he did not apologize. His attack on me was really about him. He wrote in an email, 'I don't know what happened here except it undermines the integrity of my work and CNN ... you have to know how betrayed we all feel.'"

"The feeling is mutual, my friend," she wrote.

CNN fired Brazile over the email incident. She had been a political commentator at the cable news channel.

What else did she say?

Brazile's bombshells have tossed the Democrats into a tempest of accusations and recriminations as she accused Hillary Clinton of having an "unethical" financial arrangement with the DNC granting her campaign unreasonable control. Some are characterizing this as Clinton "rigging" the primary election against Bernie Sanders.

Brazile also indicated that she was under pressure to replace Clinton as the Democratic nominee after she stumbled while getting into a van and the incident was captured on video. Brazile said the video only worsened the "odor of failure" around the anemic campaign.

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