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Ladies and gentlemen' greeting banned on NYC subways: 'They're trying to be politically correct

The familiar "ladies and gentlemen" greeting has been banned on New York City subways in a move one employee called "politically correct." (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

New York City subways are apparently headed down a politically correct track.

In August, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority said it would “modify” tiles in a Manhattan subway station after complaints that they resemble Confederate flags.

And now the MTA is following in the footsteps of the famed London Underground train, which ceased using the time-honored “ladies and gentlemen” greeting in July after months of lobbying from LGBT activists.

That's right. No more "ladies and gentlemen" greetings on New York City's subways anymore, either.

What will replace the greeting?

All NYC transit staff received a bulletin instructing them to immediately replace the familiar phrase with a list of acceptable words such as "passengers," "riders" or "everyone," the New York Post reported.

“Please don’t use any greeting other than these,” the memo states, according to the paper.

The bulletin also orders conductors on newer trains with automated announcements to override the prerecorded message with politically correct greetings until the MTA can switch them out, the Post reported.

How stringent is the directive?

The bulletin warns employees that line managers and train service supervisors will be monitoring them to ensure the off-limits phrase isn't uttered, the paper said.

How did workers react?

“They are trying to be politically correct,” Anthony Staley — a station worker and Transport Workers Union Local 100 member — told the Post. “They are acknowledging that they have some transgender riders. They don’t want to offend anyone.”

What did the MTA have to say about the change?

An MTA spokesperson said gender issues were taken into consideration as part of the decision, the paper said.

More from the Post:

The “ladies and gentleman” greeting hasn’t been completely scrubbed from the entire system just yet. At the 6th Avenue platform of the L train on Wednesday afternoon, the automated message still said “ladies and gentleman the next L train is now arriving on the 8th Avenue-bound track.”
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