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Actor Corey Feldman says 'demonic' moment encouraged him to expose alleged pedophiles

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Child actor-turned-musician Corey Feldman revealed in an interview Friday the "demonic" moment that he decided to expose Hollywood pedophilia.

Speaking with Newsweek, Feldman detailed one of the occurrences that led to his decision to come forward and name alleged Hollywood pedophiles.

What did he say?

After Newsweek's Emily Gaudette asked Feldman what motivated him to out purported abusers, Feldman said, "It was almost demonic, actually."

"First of all, the Harvey Weinstein scandal broke," he explained. "When that happened, people in my life who know my background were suddenly saying, 'Corey, do it now, you have to name these guys now.'"

When pressed to describe just what Feldman meant by "demonic," the actor admitted to believing in dark forces, which he indicated were behind Hollywood pedophilia.

"I’m not invested in the Bible," Feldman admitted. "I’m a Jew. But the more I talk about good versus evil, and the more I try to identify evil in the world, I’m hearing from friends that a lot of this sounds like signs of the end times."

He added, "I believe that pedophilia in Hollywood is the symptom of a huge network motivated by dark forces. People cover up stories like this for power, for greed, and they choose to ignore victims because they don’t want to have to think about what they did or didn’t do that led to kids being in harm’s way."

Feldman also detailed the harassment he's received since speaking out about the alleged abusers, noting that he's discovered several Twitter accounts that were created mere days before the users "started sending nasty, sarcastic, mocking messages" to him.

"Every time I mention that I was victimized, or that there are still pedophiles in the film industry, it’s this flood of negativity and anger, just dark and nasty messages," Feldman explained. "I go to their pages to block them, and it’s all pictures of machine guns and skulls and crossbones."

Any advice for parents?

The actor later provided advice to parents of kids in the entertainment industry, and detailed what he believed to be negligence on the part of young actors' parents.

"I’d advise their parents to never leave [child actors] unattended. Ever. Period," he said. "I don’t care if they’re 14 and they want to go to a party with the adult cast, you go with them. It doesn’t matter what someone’s reputation is or how successful they are. Knowing all that you know about the industry, I truly believe leaving your child alone on set or at a party is negligence. Straight up negligence."

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