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Blumenthal says 'there will be more indictments and convictions' in Russian investigation

Senator Dick Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said in a CNN interview that he expected more indictments and convictions in the investigation into Russian collusion and election interference. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Senator Dick Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said Monday that it was virtually a certainty that there would be "more indictments" and "more convictions" in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into Russian meddling.

Here's the video of Blumenthal making his prediction:

"This investigation is mounting in intensity and scope," Blumenthal said in response to the comment from the president that he would receive a letter from counsel Mueller exonerating him completely of all accusations.

"It is not the beginning of the end. It is the end of the beginning and there will be more indictments and more convictions, I think, is a near certainty before this investigation is over," he predicted.

Blumenthal said the conviction of former Trump national security advisor Mike Flynn was a "shattering blow" to the administration.

Flynn plead guilty to lying to the FBI among other counts which had nothing directly to do with the Trump 2016 campaign.

Blumenthal says that there appears to be a coordinated attack to erode confidence in Mueller's investigation. President Trump has recently said that he does not plan to fire Mueller, contrary to many calls by his allies in the media.

According to a report Friday, Mueller's team is set to meet with Trump's lawyers within a week.

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