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Concealed carrier spots teen breaking into his home. Teen points gun at homeowner. Wrong choice.

A Detroit homeowner spotted two teens trying to break in to his home early Friday morning. He told police one of the suspects, a 16-year-old male, pointed a gun at him. But the homeowner holds a concealed pistol license — and exercised his privileges. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

A Detroit homeowner told police he got a phone call Monday morning that his home was being burglarized, so he rushed home about 2:30 a.m., WDIV-TV reported.

Indeed, the homeowner spotted two suspects trying to break into his home, the station said, adding that he told police one of them — a 16-year-old male — pointed a gun at him.

But what the crooks likely didn't know is that the homeowner holds a concealed pistol license and also was armed at the time, WDIV reported.

The homeowner fired on the teen brandishing a gun, striking him multiple times outside the home on the sidewalk, the station said. The second suspect fled on foot, WDIV reported.

The suspect's handgun was recovered outside the home, police told the station.

The teen suffered gunshot wounds to his groin, back and right arm, WDIV reported, adding that he's hospitalized in critical condition.

The homeowner is cooperating with investigators, police told the station.

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