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Anthony Scaramucci lashes out at reporters after a report about his private life

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci lashed out at Page Six reporters after they published a story that he appeared to believe would do damage to his family. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Anthony Scaramucci lashed out at reporters on his Twitter account Thursday after a report was published about his private life.

Here's what set off Scaramucci

The report published in Page Six said that Scaramucci had been seen chatting with Kimberly Guilfoyle of Fox News' "The Five." The interaction was newsworthy because of previous reports that the former White House communications director had a romantic interest in the news host.

“They were standing inches apart,” a spy said to Page Six, “and they were keeping their voices low."

“The conversation looked serious," he reportedly said.

Scaramucci angrily tweeted about the story and the reporters involved after Emily Smith, the editor of Page Six, took to Twitter to claim that he had called their offices and yelled at them over the story.

"[Emily Smith and Francesca Bacardi] enjoy family break ups and children having to be raised separately and Co-parented," he tweeted. "It must be miserable."

Fox News' Geraldo Rivera attempted to cool down Scaramucci, tweeting, "Be cool... Thick hide is the mark of a true tough guy."

"I am not a tough guy Geraldo," said Scaramucci. "There is a line and that animal crossed it."

A history of provocation

Scaramucci was known for a colorful tenure at the White House, which lasted only 10 days, but resulted in a media firestorm when he made scathing statements about his fellow administration members in a call with reporter Ryan Lizza. After the details of the call were published, he said that he believed he was having a private conversation, but Lizza claimed he had never made that request.

Scaramucci was fired soon after.

Page Six also reported that Scaramucci was getting a divorce during his short tenure at the White House.

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