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Kroger announces it will no longer sell magazines featuring assault weapons

Image source: TheBlaze

Supermarket retailer Kroger announced on Monday that it would stop selling magazines that feature assault weapons in their pages.

What are the details?

Kristal Howard, a spokesperson for the company, in a statement, said, "We regularly review the company’s assortment of periodicals and make merchandising decisions based on customer preferences."

Kroger's intention in removing such magazines from its shelves is an ongoing effort to tighten its gun-related policies in the wake of the deadly Parkland, Florida, mass killing last month.

USA Today speculated that some of those magazines that could see an impact would be publications such as Guns & Ammo, Tactical Life, and Recoil.

Kroger did not specifically point to any particular magazines in its announcement.

Anything else?

In early March, Kroger revealed that it would no longer sell firearms at its Fred Meyer stores to those people under 21 years of age. The company also noted that it had plans to scale back gun departments in some Fred Meyer locations.

On Monday, Fred Meyer announced that it would no longer be selling firearms or ammunition at all.

A statement from the Kroger subsidiary read, "Fred Meyer has made a business decision to exit the firearms category. We are currently working on plans to responsibly phase out sales of firearms and ammunition."

No timeline was given with regard to the firearms phaseout, and the retailer did not mention the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School mass killing in Parkland, Florida.

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