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Teens took photos of friend's corpse after overdose; posted on social media, but never called 911

Two Alabama teens were charged for their involvement in the April 23, 2017 death of Caitlyn Spears. (Image source: YouTube screencap)

Two Alabama teenagers were indicted this week on charges of corpse abuse and criminally negligent homicide after the death of Caitlyn Spears, who overdosed on an unknown drug in April 2017.

The couple, Lillie Cooper and John Guffey, were with Spears on the night of her passing. After Spears became incapacitated, Cooper and Guffey reportedly "dragged" her body around, taking photos and a video pretending to revive the teen. They then posted the images to Facebook and Snapchat, according to the victim's friends.

In the video, Cooper and Guffey paraded Caitlyn's corpse and jokingly said 'RIP,' in an account from relatives of Spears.

Authorities say the two suspects waited an "extended period of time" before taking action to revive or save the victim.

Eventually, the couple attempted to drive Spears' body to the hospital, but ran out of gas on the way. Help was finally called when they reached a Mapco station en route. When firefighters arrived, they found Caitlyn unresponsive in the vehicle. She was later pronounced dead.

It's unclear as to whether or not she died instantly due to the overdose.

Cooper and Guffey were jailed and their bonds set at $10,000. After being released from custody, they took to social media with a celebratory photo.

Caitlyn's loved ones have launched a campaign in Alabama — where the incident occurred — to criminalize individuals who do not assist when an individual is dying.

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