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Working man's Twitter story about office lunch thief goes mega-viral — and it's absolutely hilarious

A working man posted a story about an office lunch thief to Twitter — and it has since gone mega-viral.(Image source: YouTube screenshot)

There's nothing worse than opening the refrigerator to find the food that had occupied your mind all day is no longer there. What's worse is when it happens at the office.

But one man's story about an office lunch thief has gone mega-viral — and it's absolutely hilarious. The story was so popular, in fact, that it garnered the attention of actors and play directors.

Here's the story:

Toscani's tweets received more than 1 million "likes" and hundreds of thousands of comments and retweets.

The story even garnered rave reviews from a "The Mindy Project" actor and Lin-Manuel Miranda, who is best-known for writing the hit Broadway play "Hamilton."

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