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Trump impersonator says liberals are being hypocrites - and it's backfiring on them

Comedian Anthony Atamanuik said that liberals and Democrats sounded like hyocrites for bashing President Donald Trump on his alleged extramarital dalliances when they defended former President Bill Clinton on similar accusations. (Image Source: YouTube screenshot)

Comedian Anthony Atamanuik, who impersonates the president on Comedy Central, said in an interview that Democrats and liberals have to own up to their hypocritical past when it comes to criticizing President Donald Trump and his alleged extramarital dalliances.

Here's what Atamanuik said

In the interview published in The Daily Beast, Atamanuik says that Democrats and liberals look hypocritical when comparing their comments now to what they said in the 1990s during former President Bill Clinton's sexual scandals.

“How quickly liberals and Democrats forget how we were all sitting there in the ’90s saying, ‘Leave Bill Clinton alone, that’s his business with his wife,’” he said in the interview.

“And I think if you’re on the left, you’ve got to walk the walk. You cannot just change the game because now you don’t like the person," he added.

Atamanuik was explaining that the lurid details of Trump's alleged extramarital affair were what everyone was interested in, but that they needed to focus on "the grift, the graft, and the corruption," surrounding the events.

Is the Trump hatred backfiring?

Atamanuik warned earlier in the interview that the overwhelming hatred of the president could backfire and draw people to Trump instead of away from him.

“I understand it. There’s this frustration,” Atamanuik said. “You hate him because you’re scared and you don’t understand what’s happening and he is so irrational and a lot of it is rooted in this very subconscious or unconscious fear of nuclear hellfire."

"And so I think there’s a natural inclination to dive into, ‘I just hate him and he’s such a dummy’ and this and that," he added. "I do think that starts to wear thin, because how many times can you say you hate somebody?"

"I think you need to come up with new ways of approaching his silliness," he concluded. "I think you need to pick and choose the things that you make fun of.”

Atamanuik impersonates the president for "The President Show" on Comedy Central. In one of their last episodes, they brought on comedian Kathy Griffin to parody Kellyanne Conway, former Trump campaign manager, and current White House adviser.

Here's a segment from Atamanuik's show:

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