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Transgender inmates sues North Carolina prison for the right to practice witchcraft behind bars

A North Carolina transgender inmate has filed a lawsuit against the prison for not allowing her to practice witchcraft. (Image source: Video screenshot)

A North Carolina transgender female inmate filed a lawsuit against the prison for allegedly not allowing her to practice Wicca, also known as witchcraft, the Charlotte Observer reported.

What's the story?

Jennifer Ann Jasmaine, 40, claimed in the suit that the prison chaplains are violating her constitutional rights to practice her religion and that the institution has refused to provide Wiccan foods for her to eat.

"Ms. Jasmaine's religion is not just her religion. It's her way of life," the lawsuit said. "This is the path in which she has taken."

Jasmaine, who filed the handwritten lawsuit earlier this month, is seeking a jury trial, along with $1 in damages from each of the prison's chaplains.

The lawsuit alleges that Lanesboro Correctional Institution, an all-male prison, allows Christians to worship six times each week and Native Americans are allowed to hold their rituals three times a week.

In 2014, Jasmaine, formerly Duane L. Fox, received 16 years for second-degree sexual offense.

North Carolina policy states that prisons "shall provide access for approved religious services or practices and pastoral care."

Jasmaine said she filed a request to practice Wicca. She also requested other items needed to practice witchcraft including, 'The Book of Shadows," clothing, Tarot cards, food, a wand, and permission to light candles and a fire.

'The plaintiff, Ms. Jasmaine, shouldn't have to change her religion to get on the proper diet," Jasmaine wrote in the lawsuit.

What else?

In 2015, a similar suit was filed by the inmate against Maury Correctional Institute in North Carolina. That suit was filed using the name Duane Fox.

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