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Meghan McCain shouts down ‘The View’ co-hosts in tense exchange over apparent bias against Melania

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Meghan McCain, the conservative voice on “The View,” went off on her talk show counterparts during Thursday’s show — specifically co-host Joy Behar — for an apparent bias against first lady Melania Trump.

What led up to her explosion?

It all began when the show’s co-hosts began discussing President Donald Trump’s telephone appearance  Thursday with “Fox & Friends,” in which the president appeared to indicate that he knew more than he’d previously let on regarding attorney Michael Cohen, porn star Stormy Daniels, and a reported sum of $130,000 in hush money.

What did the co-hosts say?

“Today is Melania’s birthday,” Behar simpered. “Happy Birthday, Melania.”

McCain took immediate issue with Behar’s making light of a serious personal situation and erupted.

“That was unnecessary!” McCain spat. “Come on! That’s so mean!”

Behar responded by asking what it was she said that was “mean about it.”

“Tell me what was mean,” Behar demanded.

McCain, who clearly upset by this point, elevated her voice further.

“You think that’s appropriate?” she asked. “Yesterday, we all talked about how we collectively like Melania. You’re making fun of her pain.”

Behar fired back, “You have no sense of humor, that’s your problem.”

“It's not that I don't have a sense of humor, it's that I feel bad for our first lady," McCain explained. "And all this, I thought we covered yesterday."

What was said on Wednesday?

During the Wednesday airing of “The View,” the show’s co-hosts indicated that they all had a degree of sympathy for Melania over the Daniels allegations.

“We should take back what we said yesterday,” McCain added. “I thought yesterday that we all said that have a soft spot and feel bad for her.”

Behar immediately tried to retreat from her bad joke and explained, “It's about [Trump] and what a jerk he is.”

“He is a jerk,” McCain shouted, "but I think to point out, 'Happy Birthday, Melania, your life totally blows, we're going to talk about it on national television …’ She's aware how bad this is."

Behar, clearly agitated at this point, said that she wished that McCain would “understand who the target of my jokes is.”

“The View’s” other co-hosts began attempts to calm McCain by defending Behar and attempting to spin the comment as a jab at the president, but McCain wasn’t having it.

Clearly unimpressed by Behar’s defense, as well as that from the other co-hosts, McCain fired back, “The audience didn't laugh either.”

“So it was a bad joke, maybe, so what,” Behar responded. “So sue me, send me to jail!”

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