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Clinton nonprofit won't let Seattle man cancel his small monthly donation — and won't say why

A Seattle man found he was unable to stop donating to Hillary Clinton's nonprofit political organization. (Andrew Burton/Getty Images)

Seattle resident Corey Koscielniak has for months donated $10.48 to Hillary Clinton's nonprofit organization, Onward Together, a political action organization she founded last May. But when he recently went to cancel the recurring monthly donation, he realized he couldn't.

And the organization still hasn't provided an explanation why.

What are the details?

According to the Seattle Times, Koscielniak decided to stop donating to the organization because it disclosed very little on how it spent donors' contributions. But what normally takes just minutes, Koscielniak's decision to cancel his donation turned into an "odyssey" that took several weeks.

The organization's website didn't allow Koscielniak to cancel his donation, nor did a phone call to organization representatives. The roadblocks led Koscielniak to contact the office of Washington State Attorney General Bob Ferguson.

"Onward Together (OT) accepts payment information, but provides no ability to alter or cancel donations once the initial donation is received," he wrote to Ferguson, adding that the organization's website doesn't list a phone number or mailing address for customers to cancel their donations.

After investigating, Koscielniak discovered a phone number on the organization's disclosure page, but it was just a Google number, not an actual phone number. He claimed a representative for Onward Together said she would cancel his donation, explaining other frustrated donors have called demanding their donations be cancelled, but it never was.

"I don’t expect [this] from anyone, corporation or not,” Koscielniak told the Seattle Times. “But what surprised me is, the Democratic Party is supposed to stand for other people and not be part of this larger industrial complex."

Was the donation eventually cancelled?

With Ferguson's help, Koscielniak was eventually able to cancel his monthly donation. However, Onward Together still billed Koscielniak the following month.

Nick Merrill, Clinton's communications director, said the situation has been "rectified" and said no donors will experience the same problem in the future.

"We have rectified it, but we will make sure this doesn’t happen again, with anybody, in the future," he said, adding Clinton's camp intends to reach out to Koscielniak.

However, whether or not the problem is actually rectified remains to be seen until next month's billing cycle, the Times reported.

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