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Look what happened to CNN's ratings when they focused on more anti-Trump stories. It's not good.

CNN's ratings have tanked this May compared to last May. It may have something to do with its wall-to-wall coverage of stories negative to President Donald Trump. (David McNew/Newsmakers)

As CNN gives wall-to-wall coverage to stories negative to President Donald Trump, including the Stormy Daniels saga and the Russia collusion story, its ratings are taking a massive hit.

What are the details?

New data shows the mainstream media outlet's ratings have nosedived more than 20 percent this May compared to last May, whereas the ratings of CNN's top competitors — Fox News and MSNBC — have remained steady.

  • Last May, CNN averaged about 1.12 million viewers during the primetime hours, according to Variety. That figure has dropped to just 859,000 this May, a whopping 23 percent decrease.
  • In the daytime, CNN averaged 821,000 viewers last May, but has accumulated just an average of 649,000 viewers this May, marking a 21 percent decrease.
  • In the coveted 25-54 age demographic, CNN averaged 399,000 last May, while garnering just 286,000 this May so far, a 29 percent decrease.

Unfortunately for CNN, the ratings decrease appears to be outlet-isolated.

The numbers show that Fox News and MSNBC have remained steady in the ratings department with just minor increases or decreases from year to year.

As Breitbart noted, when year-to-year ratings are compared, Fox News has seen a 5 percent increase in total viewers during primetime hours, and experienced a slight decrease of just 1 percent in the demo. Meanwhile, MSNBC enjoyed a 4 percent increase in total primetime viewers, while suffering a 16 percent decrease in the demo.

And during the day, Fox experienced a 1 percent drop in total viewers, while suffering a 10 percent drop in demo. On the other hand, MSNBC experienced a 4 percent increase in total daytime viewers and just a 4 percent drop in the demo.

Why the big losses for CNN?

CNN's losses are likely attributed to the reputation it has earned in the Trump-era, namely being an anti-Trump, "fake news" outlet — whether or not those characterizations are correct.

However, the network has given much airtime to anti-Trump stories, especially the Stormy Daniels Saga. In fact, as Newsbusters noted, CNN has had Daniels' lawyer, Michael Avenatti, on the network more than five dozen times since March.

Indeed, as the Washington Free Beacon reported last week, CNN and MSNBC have given Avenatti $175 million in "free media" over the past two months.

And of course, there is the Russia collusion story, which CNN has most prominently covered for the duration of Trump's presidency, despite a lack of concrete evidence to prove Trump's campaign colluded with Russia to undermine the 2016 election.

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