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Teen arrested on charges related to death of female cop who stumbled upon Baltimore robbery

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A female police officer was killed during an apparent burglary attempt, and police have arrested and charged a 16-year-old male in connection with her death.

What are the details?

Amy Caprio, a 29-year-old four-year veteran of the Baltimore County police force, is dead after she stumbled upon what appeared to be a burglary in progress on Monday in Perry Hall, Maryland.

One suspect — later identified as 16-year-old Dawnta Anthony Harris — was arrested in connection with Caprio's death.

Harris is being charged as an adult, according to court documents, and is being held without bail.

Three other people are in custody in connection with the crime, according to WJZ-TV.

How did the officer die?

According to WJZ, the suspect reportedly ran Caprio over with a vehicle as she was responding to a suspicious vehicle call to a residential area on Monday.

A manhunt for the suspects and a black Jeep was conducted after the incident, and local residents were encouraged to shelter in place, according to the outlet.

Police found Harris "near where a Jeep was found abandoned," according to WJZ, and the suspect reportedly told a detective that "he had been waiting in the driver's seat of the vehicle as other associates of his were in progress of committing a burglary."

According to WJZ, the suspect also told the detective that he "drove at the officer."

Baltimore County Police Chief Terrance Sheridan said that Caprio was wearing a bodycam at the time of the incident and that the department is reviewing the footage.

"[My family] actually saw a black Jeep Wrangler and they saw that I guess it was a dead end street and they went to turn around and officers were following them," local resident Stefanie Kurek told WJZ. "One of the officers must have gotten out of the car, I’m not sure if gunfire was exchanged or if they ran over her, but she was laying in the street."

Kurek's husband, Tony, spoke to the Baltimore Sun, where he provided an account of the incident.

Tony said that he'd just entered his home when one of his sons screamed, "Dad, Dad, a cop just got run over out front!"

Tony said that his son reportedly saw the officer draw a gun on a black Jeep Wrangler and ordered its occupants to get out. The driver of the vehicle — now identified as Harris — reportedly threw the car into gear and ran over the officer instead.

Tony said that Caprio was thrown approximately 20 feet.

"She basically landed almost in front of my mailbox," Tony said.

Then he called 911, he told the Sun.

"You got a cop laying in the road dying," he reportedly told dispatch.

One of the Kureks' other sons — a volunteer firefighter — ran outside and reportedly began CPR.

Tony said that he "won't soon forget" the look in Caprio's eyes as his son worked on Caprio.

"I had a very, very bad feeling that she was going or gone," he told the outlet. "She was young. It just breaks your heart."

Anything else?

The other three suspects remained concealed overnight, but according to WJZ, were found by police on Tuesday morning and taken into custody as well.

The Sun reported that the other three suspects are also teens.

Harris is scheduled to appear before a judge at a Towson, Maryland, courthouse at 1 p.m. Tuesday.

You can view the court records here.

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