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School explanation for alleged graphic sex assignment differs wildly from what parents, kids claimed

Image source: TheBlaze

Findings of a school investigation into a recent incident in which a Pennsylvania teacher reportedly assigned a graphic sex assignment are in, and they differ quite a bit from the parents' accounts.

What's the background?

Parents were outraged after a male teacher at a Pittsburgh-area school reportedly assigned seventh graders a graphic assignment pertaining to oral sex.

On Tuesday, KDKA-TV reported that parents relayed a disturbing story concerning the alleged assignment.

According to KDKA, parents reported that a teacher at Propel Charter School "graphically discussed oral sex" during class and "prompted the children to '"look it up, but not on a school computer because they would be able to track it."

As a result of the teacher's alleged instruction, some of the students reportedly looked up the definition of oral sex on their mobile devices, and parents were not happy.

“‘We said we didn’t know what it meant, and [the teacher] told us to look it up, but not on a school computer because they would be able to track it,'” one parent said her daughter told her. “So, a little boy looked it up on his phone, and she saw images and she was traumatized.”

Upon KDKA's publishing of their report, a school representative said that the facility's principal would be launching a full investigation into the allegations.

What are the findings of the school's investigation?

TheBlaze learned the school's investigative findings after speaking to Sonya Toler, the senior director of Strategic Communication & Enrollment at Propel Schools in Pittsburgh.

According to Toler, students and parents completely embellished the discussion about oral sex — a topic Toler said was brought up by the students, and not by the teacher.

Toler said that a male science teacher overheard multiple students in the seventh-grade class discussing oral sex.

The unnamed teacher reportedly told the children to stop discussing such matters, as it was irrelevant to the science lab (a water filtration system, according to Toler), and inappropriate conversation for the classroom.

At least one of the students reportedly responded to the teacher by asking what oral sex is.

According to Toler, the teacher responded by telling them to ask their parents or "look it up."

Toler said that the male teacher was absolutely not encouraging children to look up the definition of "oral sex" in class.

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