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Student with gun walks into science class and opens fire — then the teacher takes him down

Parents comfort each other as they wait outside Noblesville West Middle School after a shooting at the school on Friday in Noblesville, Indiana. One teacher and one student were initially reported injured. (Kevin Moloney/Getty Images)

A seventh-grade student opened fire in a classroom at an Indiana middle school Friday morning, injuring two people before being tackled by the teacher and taken into custody, WXIN-TV reported.

One student and one teacher were reportedly taken to nearby hospitals for their injuries, the seriousness of which is currently unknown. Another student received treatment for a fractured ankle.

What's the story?

A student who wished to remain unidentified told WXIN that a male student walked into science class late Friday morning, waving a gun. Here's the student's account of what happened next:

He took about four to five, maybe six shots, one of them hitting a girl that was about 10 feet from me. Mr. [Jason] Seaman started running at him — he's a teacher, a science teacher — he tackled him to the ground. We were all hiding in back of a classroom behind some desks, then he was yelling to call 911 and get out of the building as fast as we could, so we ran down the stairs and just ran down here, we ran down the sidewalk into Prairie Crossing.

He's a hero. If he didn't do anything he probably would have continued shooting and a lot more of us would have been injured and possibly killed, so it was just something that not most people would have done, but he was really brave to do it.

What happened to the coach?

Seaman's mother, Kristi Seaman, posted on Facebook that Seaman was shot three times and underwent surgery, but that he was in "good" condition, according to WEWS-TV.

The identity of the shooter, as well as the identities of those injured, have not been released. Students were evacuated to Noblesville High School, where they waited to be picked up by parents.

Authorities also investigated a threat at the high school, but nothing was found. Police are attempting to track down the person who called in the threat.

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