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Doctor hit with malpractice suits after filming herself doing this during surgeries

Dr. Windell Boutte has come under fire for her promotional YouTube dancing and singing videos, featuring her performing surgery on actual patients. (Image source: YouTube screencap)

Georgia licensing laws are being questioned after a number of suits were filed against suburban Atlanta Dr. Windell Davis Boutte´, who is accused of botching surgeries conducted without the proper credentials. But her promotional videos have helped draw more attention to the cases against her.

How can that be?

Attorney Susan Witt says nearly 100 women have reached out to her office to inquire about representation in malpractice lawsuits against Boutte´, after news hit that Witt was serving as counsel to three former patients of the physician.

Witt said, "I've had more phone calls and emails than I could respond to."

Under Georgia law, any doctor with a medical license is allowed to conduct surgeries. Dr. Boutte´ is a dermatologist, and is not board certified in surgery.

But Witt and Chloe Dallaire, another attorney representing former Boutte´ patients, are appalled that the Georgia Composite Medical Board has delayed implementing any disciplinary actions against the doctor — who continues to practice.

Dallaire says, "In 14 years of medical malpractice [law], both on the defense and plaintiffs' side, I have never seen anything as outrageous and black-and-white as this doctor.

"From every angle, whether it's staffing, lack of protocol...every which way you look at this case, it's malpractice

Suits against Boutte´ include accusations of disfigurement, infections, and even permanent brain damage.

Georgia Composite Medical Board president Dan DeLoach explained that there is "a tiny minority of physicians who are practicing beyond their scope," adding, "You don't want to rush to judgment and end up making an error that could be very professionally harmful."

Okay, where does the dancing come in?

Boutte´ made a number of promotional videos on YouTube (which have now been removed), showing her dancing to rap music over the nude bodies of patients during surgery.

Roughly 20 videos were previously displayed, where Boutte´ and her surgery staff danced to hits like "Brick House" and most notably, she cut open a patient's abdomen while singing along with an O.T. Genasis song, "Cut It," to the tune of the beat.

The doctor's lack of gloves and a surgical mask in the videos have also raised eyebrows.

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