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Liberal media push narrative that child immigration detention centers are 'concentration camps

Former GOP chairman Michael Steele accused the Trump administration of operating "concentration camps." (Image via Twitter/MSNBC screenshot)

Two MSNBC analysts claimed that the Trump administration is running concentration camps for illegal immigrant children who are separated from their parents. The facilities are actually housing children who enter the U.S. alone or whose parents are being processed by the government.

What did they say?

On Friday, former Republican National Committee chairman Michael Steele and former Obama 2012 deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter called the centers "concentration camps" on “Live with Stephanie Ruhle.”

"We can't find a solution to this problem without harming children? Without putting them in concentration camps?" Cutter asked.

Steele added: “And I would even say, Stephanie, to that point, it’s not even an interpretation of the law, it is a policy...And a policy that has been invoked by the President of the United States and dictated to his attorney general, who goes out and quotes the Bible – by the way, a passage that was used to justify slavery in this country – to justify encamping children."

"I call this a concentration camp for kids because that’s exactly what it’s turning out to. When you give kids 22 hours of lockup time and two hours of air time, what else can it be? And if this is where this country is going, the American people need to wake up and pay attention. Because your kids could be next," he explained.

Earlier Friday on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” co-host Joe Scarborough also compared the child detention centers to concentration camps.

His comment apparently came from a public defender’s story that a client’s immigrant children were allegedly led away from their parents under the guise of getting a shower.

Scarborough said that is like Nazi camp guards leading Jews to gas chambers. Those people also “never came back,” he said.

What did a tour of a facility show?

But an actual tour of a facility by CNN uncovered nothing overly dramatic:

The massive shelter retains a warehouse vibe — noisy but highly organized, with scores of staffers leading skeins of boys to various activities. In recreation rooms, some boys watched a soccer match on TV; some took part in a tai chi class; others played pool or foosball (in one case with a cue ball). Still others sat in classrooms. Because of the crowding, the boys attend school in six-hour morning or afternoon shifts, five days a week. The bedrooms reporters were shown seemed antiseptically clean...

Though they have a variety of scheduled activities to keep them busy, the boys spend almost all their time indoors at the former superstore, aside from one hour a day outside for PE and another hour of free time they can spend on the basketball courts or soccer fields adjacent to the shelter building. Many of the boys stared at the visitors with obvious curiosity, greeting reporters with "Hola" or "Buenas tardes" as they walked by.”

About 1,400 undocumented boys are currently housed at the center.

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