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Hillary Clinton invokes Bible to slam Trump over child border crisis — then she fundraises off it

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Hillary Clinton made waves Monday when she spoke out about the controversy surrounding the Trump administration's "zero tolerance" illegal immigration border policy and the issue of children being separated from their parents.

To be expected, Clinton placed blame squarely on President Donald Trump's shoulders, even invoking the Bible to slam him while claiming he is lying about the child separation issue.

And Clinton didn't hesitate to use the controversial situation to raise money for liberal activist organizations.

First, what did Clinton say?

During a women's forum in New York on Monday, Clinton refuted Trump's claim that a law passed by Democrats is what caused families to be separated.

"This is not happening because of the 'Democrats' law,' as the White House has claimed. Separating families is not mandated by law at all. That is an outright lie, and it's incumbent on all of us, journalists and citizens alike, to call it just that," Clinton said.

Later in her speech, Clinton hit back at the Trump administration's claim that its immigration policies are rooted in the Christian faith.

"In fact, those who selectively use the Bible to justify this cruelty are ignoring a central tenant of Christianity," Clinton said.

"I’ve studied the Bible, both the Old and the new Testament, and what is being done using the name of religion is contrary to everything I was ever taught. Jesus said, 'Suffer the little children unto me.' He did not say, 'Let the children suffer,'" she added.

Then, what did she do?

Later in the day, just about an hour after she criticized Trump over the morality the crisis, the failed presidential candidate used the crisis to raise money.

In an email for her organization, Onward Together, which is used to elect Democrats, Clinton wrote:

What’s happening to families at the border right now is horrific: Nursing infants ripped away from their mothers. Parents told their toddlers are being taken to bathe or play, only to realize hours later that they aren’t coming back. Children incarcerated in warehouses and, according to more than one account, kept in cages. This is a moral and humanitarian crisis. Everyone of us who has ever held a child in their arms, and every human being with a sense of compassion and decency should be outraged.

Even as I warned this could happen on the campaign trail — that Trump’s immigration policies would result in families being separated, parents being sent away from their children, people rounded up on trains and buses — I hoped it would never come to be. But now, as we watch with broken hearts, that’s exactly what’s happening.

We can be heartbroken, but we shouldn’t be hopeless. There’s something you can do to help.

Clinton then directed supporters to a donation page where she encouraged them to donate to 10 activist organizations, including the American Civil Liberties Union.

"We can be heartbroken about what's happening at the border, but we shouldn’t feel hopeless. Make a donation to support the groups working to protect the kids and families separated by ICE," the donation page instructs.

(H/T: The American Mirror)

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