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CNN anchor stuns Democratic senator by exposing her hypocrisy on family separation

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CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin could not get a straight answer out of Sen. Tammy Baldwin (D-Wis.) Wednesday when she accosted her about the hypocrisy of demanding President Donald Trump change the family separation policy that existed before he took office.

'Did you speak up against them then?'

"As so many people in this country are certainly outraged by the cages and the thermal blankets and the facilities housing these kids, you know, they were all there in 2014 under President [Barack] Obama," CNN anchor Brooke Baldwin said, "and my question to you Senator Baldwin is did you speak up against them then?"

"You know, on the, on this issue," Sen. Baldwin responded, "that we get into a moment where we're making progress and then when it stalls, we turn around. I think we all need to continue to be focused on it and press it through."

"The American people need confidence that we can solve problems," she continued. "Nobody believes that we have an immigration system that works. It is broken, it needs fixing, but we've just got to resolve to do that."

"But were you worried about it then?" Brooke Baldwin pressed on. "Did you raise your voice under the Obama administration?

Sen. Baldwin offered one instance where she raised her voice about someone detained at the border, but then continued to shift the focus away from the responsibility of individual politicians.

Here's the video of the interaction:

How we got here

Public outrage about the policy of family separation grew so great that Trump was forced to issue an executive order Wednesday declaring that the policy would be discontinued. His administration had argued that the policy was enacted by Congress before his tenure.

Democrats voiced still more outrage Wednesday because they said the executive order would not explain how to reunite families already separated, while others called the new policy of family detention also cruel.

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