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Police warn public against cop-targeted windshield flyers that are laced with fentanyl

Image source: TheBlaze

Houston authorities have issued a warning notifying residents that flyers placed on car windshields could be laced with fentanyl, which could lead to a deadly overdose if mishandled.

What are the details?

According to KPRC-TV, a sergeant with the Harris County Sheriff's Office went to the hospital after handling such a flyer.

The flyer had been placed on her vehicle by an unidentified person, and she began to fall ill while on her way home. She drove herself to a hospital after feeling the effects of the fentanyl.

Officials say that the flyer was laced with fentanyl and was one of several discovered on vehicle windshields at a facility in Houston.

The sheriff's office issued a warning on its Facebook page about the tainted flyers.

The post read, "URGENT: Flyers placed on the windshields of some #HCSO vehicles this afternoon at 601 Lockwood have tested positive for the opiod [sic] Fentanyl. One sergeant who touched a flyer is receiving medical treatment. Call authorities if you see these flyers and DO NOT TOUCH. #HouNews."

The Facebook post also shared a look at two such flyers, which were apparently intended to catch the attention of first responders and had the website, TargetedJustice.com, printed in text on the flyers.

Police advised residents that if they find a flyer that appears "similar in nature," avoid touching it and phone authorities immediately, KGO-TV reported.

According to KRIV-TV, Sheriff Ed Gonzalez confirmed that the flyers had anti-government messages printed on them.

"Fentanyl can be very toxic," Gonzalez said. "Even small amounts embedded in a flyer, in a paper, is something that could cause symptoms and many times, had this sergeant not acted quickly and gotten help, many times, it can end up deadly."

What is this 'Targeted Justice' business?

The website claims that it represents a nonprofit organization "committed to pursuing education, public awareness, and legal action for Targeted Individuals."

"These Hate Crimes must be stopped," the organization's mission statement reads. According to the site, a "Targeted Individual" is "someone that has been selected by the Deep State (usually FBI or CIA) to unwillingly participate in a government torture, experimental program."

"This program is designed to break down the individual and neutralize the person,'" according to the site, "using psychological, physical, and emotional stress."

"The ultimate goal of this program is to control the entire global population," the site explains. "Political activists, Labor Union leaders, Scientists, and Whistleblowers are some of the main targets of the program. However, some people are randomly chosen."

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