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Furious liberals lash out at Elon Musk after his significant Republican donation uncovered

Elon Musk was criticized by liberals and progressives after it was revealed he made a significant donation to a Republican PAC. (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

Celebrities, liberals, and media members are voicing their frustration with billionaire Elon Musk after his significant donation to a political organization loyal to the Republican Party was uncovered.

Despite considering himself a "socialist" and supporting many liberal views, Musk's critics blasted him for seemingly being a hypocrite on issues such as climate change.

What's the background?

According to election filings published by ProPublica, Musk donated $33,900 last quarter to Protect the House, a PAC dedicated to maintaining Republican control of the House.

The PAC raised more than $8 million in the second quarter, data shows. Robert McNair, owner of the NFL's Houston Texans, and businessman Sheldon Adelson were the PAC's largest donors, each contributing $371,500.

What did Musk's critics say?

They alleged Musk's donation proves he is not an ally of progressive causes, and instead shows he is a closeted conservative.

One journalist, a senior correspondent for Vanity Fair, tweeted that he cancelled his Tesla order over Musk's donation. The tweet was later deleted.

Others said they were selling their Tesla stock.

How did Musk respond to the outrage?

He denied the characterization that he is a "top donor" to the GOP.

He further clarified that he is not a member of either major political party, but he donates to both to maintain an "open dialogue."

"To be clear, I am not a conservative. Am registered independent & politically moderate. Doesn’t mean I’m moderate about all issues. Humanitarian issues are extremely important to me & I don’t understand why they are not important to everyone," Musk wrote.

"That said, I do not actually see the checks (changed that policy today). A nominal annual amount goes out automatically to both parties to maintain dialogue. I have given vastly more to humanitarian causes," he added.

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