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Report: Uber driver dumps 6 GOP volunteers at random gas station, says ‘Welcome to the Resistance’

An Uber driver reportedly dumped six GOP volunteers at a North Carolina gas station and said, "Welcome to the Resistance." (FroggyFrogg/Getty Images)

An Uber driver reportedly booted six GOP volunteers from the car halfway to the volunteers' destination — and told them "Welcome to the Resistance" as the driver abandoned them at a North Carolina gas station.

What are the details?

According to a Sunday report by The Daily Caller, the alleged incident occurred Saturday night as the volunteers were on their way to Raleigh.

The six GOP volunteers were en route to campaign for North Carolina Republican Reps. Mark Meadows, George Holding, and Mark Walker, in addition to Lt. Gov. Dan Forest, state Rep. Chris Malone, and Mark Harris, a candidate for the House of Representatives.

The outlet reported that the unnamed Uber driver reportedly pulled over at a gas station and told them to exit the vehicle. The driver allegedly told the volunteers that the driver "had the right to deny [them] service," according to Mary Russell, one of the passengers.

The volunteers complied with the driver's demand, and as the driver left them behind, the driver reportedly said, "Welcome to the Resistance."

They were able to secure another Uber ride from the gas station and reportedly had no problems with the new driver.

“It was clear based on our mild conservative political talk that the driver realized we were Republicans,” Russell told The Daily Caller, noting that she would not be utilizing Uber in the future if the company did not address the issue.

After the ride, Russell said that she received a message from Uber accusing her of acting in an inappropriate way toward the driver.

“I reviewed the relevant policy of Uber and we did not use ‘inappropriate and abusive language or gestures’ that would result in the early termination of a ride,” Russell said. “This type of discrimination against politically oriented conservatives should be against the policy of Uber.”

Chris Godbey, another of the passengers, said that the volunteers were targeted over their beliefs.

“For an individual to blatantly target Young Republicans for their political outlook is an assault on the freedoms guaranteed by the First Amendment," Godbey said. "While business owners should have the freedom to provide the service as the see fit, once a contract has been entered, breaking that contract is inappropriate and to do so based on discrimination for political beliefs is unlawful."

A spokesperson for Uber told The Daily Caller that they are investigating the incident.

"We expect all riders and drivers to treat each other with respect, and we're looking into this situation," a company spokesperson's statement said.

Rep. Meadows shared the outlet's original story on Twitter and offered a $100 gift card for Lyft to those volunteers.

He wrote, "If anyone can get ahold of the contact information for these volunteers, please let me know and I will be glad to personally send each of them a $100 credit for Lyft. They're doing incredible work!"

On Monday, the outlet published a video of some of the volunteers speaking out about the ejection.

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