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Man braves house fire's flames to save the lives of his neighbor and two young children

A New Jersey man is being hailed as a hero after rescuing his neighbor and two children from a house fire. (Image source: KYW-TV video screenshot)

A New Jersey man is being hailed a hero after rescuing his neighbor and two children from a late-night house fire, according to KYW-TV.

What are the details?

A father and his two young children, residents of Sewell, New Jersey, could very well be alive today because of a quick-moving neighbor.

The incident occurred in the wee hours of Saturday morning when an unidentified man's home caught fire around 2:45 a.m.

The man's neighbor, Patrick Finn, realized that there was an issue when he heard his doorbell go off "six to seven times."

"I heard someone ring my doorbell six to seven times, but when I opened the door, no one was there," Finn said,  according to KYW. "I heard screaming, so I came around the front of the house."

"I looked in the garage and there was just fire everywhere," he said.

Undeterred, Finn grabbed a ladder, climbed up to the second floor, and carried both of his neighbor's young children to safety.

On Facebook, Finn shared a video of the scene and in the comments section of the video posting, wrote, "I woke to screaming at 3am. Then my doorbell rang 6-7 times frantically. Not sure who rang it, but when I got outside, no one was around. Heard screams, run out front. Man screaming from window on 2nd floor. Him and 2 kids stuck inside."

"I entered garage to get in 1st floor. Flames everywhere. Couldn't get in," he continued. "Started screaming to man and his kids that their only option is to come out the 2nd floor window. Grab ladder from his garage, climb up, and man starts sliding 1st kid out the window, catch him. Grab 2nd kid. Get them down ladder. Then the adult. My adrenaline is out of control right now."

What happened when first responders arrived?

KYW reported that fire crews were able to get on the scene and get the fire under control just after 3 a.m. According to the Courier Post, all three of the home's occupants were safe and in the driveway by the time first responders arrived.

The father and his two children — both age 3 years and younger, according to the news outlet — were hospitalized for smoke inhalation.

According to KYW, Finn doesn't think that what he did deserves any special recognition, calling his heroic move "no big deal."

The news outlet reported that the cause of the fire remains under investigation.

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