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Man stabs, tries robbing pizza delivery guy. But victim has gun in his car—and the tables turn fast.

A man stabbed and tried to rob a pizza delivery worker in Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, after midnight Friday. But the victim had a gun — and quickly turned the tables on his attacker. (Image source: KDKA-TV video screenshot)

A pizza worker walked back to his car after delivering an order to a Beaver Falls, Pennsylvania, residence after midnight Friday when a man in his late 30s stabbed him and tried to rob him, KDKA-TV reported.

Things soon turned south for the would-be crook when police said the Domino’s Pizza delivery driver grabbed a gun he kept in his vehicle and shot his attacker, the station said.

Image source: KDKA-TV video screenshot

Police added to KDKA that after the assailant was shot, he ran almost a block down the street and collapsed on a set of front-porch steps — which is where cops found him dead, KDKA reported.

Image source: KDKA-TV video screenshot

Neighbors witness the aftermath

“I heard [the attacker] call out for help," Tony Pope, who lives nearby, told the station. "He said 'Help, help.'"

Then Pope told KDKA he saw the man pass out on the steps and die.

“That was crazy. That was crazy," he added to the station. "I just wish I had no nightmares over it."

Image source: KDKA-TV video screenshot

Amanda Blackwell heard a gunshot from her bedroom window.

"I came downstairs and watched [the delivery driver] call 911," Blackwell told KDKA. "Went over and asked him if he was okay. He told me he didn’t know, but he told me to go back in the house 'til the cops came."

Alyse Clark was in the apartment the pizza was delivered to, the station said.

“It was my boyfriend’s roommate who ordered the pizza, and she just went out there, she gave him money, everything seemed fine,” Clark added to KDKA.

Image source: KDKA-TV video screenshot

Tonia Johnson added to the station that she's lived on the street for five years, and "this is the first time this craziness has happened."

Image source: KDKA-TV video screenshot

Beaver Falls Police Chief John DeLuca confirmed that the pizza order wasn't connected to the crime, KDKA reported.

What happened to the pizza delivery driver?

The victim was taken to a hospital, but there was no word on his condition, the station said, adding that it's unclear if the delivery driver will face charges.

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