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Blimp of bikini-clad London mayor set to fly in retaliation for Trump 'baby' balloon

A United Kingdom group has been given clearance to fly a blimp depicting London Mayor Sadiq Khan in a yellow bikini to protest the mayor's policies. "I don't really think yellow's my color though," the mayor said. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

London Mayor Sadiq Khan made headlines in July when he granted the go-ahead for protesters to fly a blimp depicting the likeness of President Donald Trump as a diapered baby during the president's United Kingdom visit.

Now, it's payback time. That's according to a group that has the all-clear to send a giant balloon resembling Khan in a bikini into Westminster's restricted airspace.

What's going on?

A campaign to "Make London Safe Again" is calling for Khan to step down, saying he's unfit for office and is responsible for the city's rising crime rates during his two years in office.

Led by activist Yanny Bruere, a connected crowdfunding campaign has raised roughly $75,000 to fly a "Bikini Khan" blimp in the name of free speech. Any leftover funds will be dedicated to having the mayor ousted from office.

Bruere told the Washington Post that the 29-foot blimp of Khan was ordered "in retaliation to the Donald Trump balloon being approved by Khan in London."

He added, "I didn't think it was very fitting to do that to a great ally and the president of America, and I didn't think it would have been approved if it had been Barack Obama, for example."

"So I decided to test that free-speech angle and threw an application in to see if Sadiq Khan would be willing to submit himself to the same mockery as he's willing to impose on the leader of the free world," Bruere continued.

The mayor indeed gave the nod for "Bikini Khan" to fly.

"If people want to spend their Saturday looking at me in a yellow bikini they're welcome to do so," Khan told The Guardian. "I don't really think yellow's my color though."

Depicting Khan in a bikini is a slam on the mayor's campaign to ban ads perceived to give people a negative body image.

Anything else?

The blimp war is symbolic of the tense relationship between Khan and Trump. The president has criticized the mayor for doing a "terrible job" responding to crime and terrorist attacks in the city. Khan, who is Muslim, has criticized Trump for having an "ignorant view of Islam" that "could make both [the U.S. and the U.K.] less safe."

Meanwhile, Bruere has come under fire for allegedly making anti-Semitic comments on Twitter. The organizer admitted to posting the tweets in question, but maintains that he is pro-Israel.

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