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Detroit food truck owner refuses to serve cops, sparks controversy with Facebook post
Detroit food truck owner Rocky Coronado refuses to serve all law enforcement agents, claiming she doesn't feel safe around them. (Image source: Video screenshot)

Detroit food truck owner refuses to serve cops, sparks controversy with Facebook post

A Michigan food truck owner has sparked controversy for refusing to serve police officers, The Detroit News reported.

Rocky Coronado, who owns Rocky's Road Brew food truck in Detroit, posted a message on Facebook that she would not serve police because she didn't feel safe around them. Within hours, the post, which has since been deleted, drew more than 1,000 likes and angry emojis.

Coronado attached a photo to the post that read, "We reserve the right to refuse service to cops."

Detroit Police Chief James Craig told The Detroit News that Coronado is known to treat police officers disrespectfully.

"Generally speaking, we have good relations in that neighborhood, but my officers tell me whenever they've been in that area investigating criminal matters, she's been uncooperative and rude," Craig said.

Craig said it's unclear what caused the contention between her and the officers.

"She has clearly shown disdain for police; the million-dollar question is: Why? We'd like to know what the issue is, and would like to sit down and talk to her about her concerns," he continued. "I don't agree with what she's putting on Facebook, but if she ever needs help we'll give her the same service we'd give anyone else."

Mark Diaz of the Detroit Police Officers Association agreed that Coronado has the right to not serve police, but called her post "childish and immature," according to The Detroit News.

"But it's their right if they choose not to serve police officers," Diaz said. "It just shows that person's mentality — but under no circumstances would we refuse service to them. I hope they never have to call 911, but if they do we'll show up and do our jobs."

TheBlaze was not able to reach Coronado for comment.

What did Coronado say?

Coronado deleted the original Facebook post but claimed in a follow-up that she has been slandered, threatened and harassed for her stance on refusing to serve law enforcement officers of any kind.

In the follow-up, she said that a woman in an "unmarked, black suburban" and wearing "a bulletproof vest" became "belligerent" with her when she told the woman she would not serve her. She wrote in a post:

"Yesterday, two people came by in a unmarked, black suburban with tinted windows both with bulletproof vests and badges. I do not serve law enforcement (ICE, Homeland Security, DPD, etc) so I told em I was closed to not make a tense situation more so. They then circled back around with a lady (still with bulletproof vest and badge) getting out of her vehicle asking why I didn’t serve them. Not feeling confrontational, I meekly told her that I don’t serve law enforcement.

"She told me she was w the humane society and that we probably have the same political ideas. That’s when I was ready to rectify the situation but she quickly became belligerent. She took her phone out and stated taking pictures (wish I woulda done the same). The customers already at the truck were harassed by her and photographed despite NOT having their consent. THATS WHEN I REFUSED HER SERVICE and asked her to leave.

"She posted or her male passenger posted some pics with their false account of what happened.

"The posts went viral and I decided to post why I do not serve law enforcement agents. Since then All Lives Matter, “Patriots,” MAGA, & “Christians” have been slandering, threatening, and harassing the business via Facebook. These people, their code switching, their hate, their ignorance shows me I’m on the right path. These people are the threat to freedom, equality, & peace in America.

"As a brown queer person in America, I am well aware that my very being is a threat to Amerikkka and its lineage of genocide, fragility, and hate. My very existence is my resistance and just like my ancestors, I am resilient. So despite the hate and slander, I am well.

"I wanted to thank everyone for the emotional labor (these creeps cannot be reasoned with) and support. It’s super comforting and I love y’all for it. I had planned to take the day off to attend RISE in Flint (a nationwide day of environmental action) but because of the madness I’ll be doing some self care near home. So, I’ll be closed but will keep you posted on when I’ll be opened back up. With resistance and love in mind, Rocky Coronado #blacklivesmatter #refugeeswelcome #chingalamigra #nomamesguey"

What did Facebook commenters say?

More than 210 people have commented on Saturday's post and it's been shared nearly 150 times. Some supported Coronado's stance:

"I wish I was in Detroit so I could come support you and eat your food! I 100% support your decision. If cops want the respect they and everyone else feels is deserved and want to be treated better, then they need to treat the people they serve better and with respect. That is sadly, not the case these days. For the most part, it's not the cops (people) I have a problem with. It's the training and culture that needs to go," one commenter wrote.

Others did not appreciate her remarks.

"Way to lump all cops together. Not all of them abuse their authority. But why doesnt anyone refuse service to the thugs out there robbing and killing people? Oh yeah, because then there wouldn't be anyone to serve (in Detroit)," another one wrote.

"Have fun going out of business. Hey, McDonalds is always hiring," someone else wrote.

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