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Republican strategist implies he'd stop Trump over Hitler if he could go back in time

Republican strategist Mike Murphy seemed to imply during an MSNBC panel discussion Thursday that if he could go back in time, he'd try to stop President Donald Trump over Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler. (Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite)

Republican strategist Mike Murphy apparently has taken a hard look at the murderous reign of Nazi dictator Adolf Hitler in the early 20th century and compared it with President Donald Trump's time in office — and seemed to imply that Trump, not Hitler, is the one he'd prefer to stop if he could go back in time.

Murphy — who calls himself an "infuriated GOP strategist" on his Twitter profile — said during an MSNBC panel discussion Thursday that given a "time machine" at his fingertips he's "no longer worried about going back to Germany in the '30s. I'd go back and tell Fred Trump to be a lot nicer to your kid because he's a little damaged, and we're dealing with it every day 'cause we have this guy in the White House."

He also said Trump suffers from "insecurity" but that there's hope because people are beginning to realize that "we have the crazy uncle temporarily in office."

Murphy's comments were prefaced by Richard Stengel — who worked in former President Barack Obama's administration and was managing editor of Time magazine — who ripped Trump's denial of Puerto Rico's death toll due to Hurricane Maria.

Trump, Stengel said, isn't "perceiving the basic things that other people perceive" and "has so much denial ... which is incredibly dangerous for the president of the United States and dangerous for all of us.”

(H/T: NewsBusters)

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