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Second-grader shoots self in hand at school with dad's gun -- now dad is in serious trouble

An elementary school student in Alabama shot himself in the hand with his father's gun that he brought to the school. (Getty Images)

An Alabama father is in big trouble after his son, who is in second grade, brought his dad's gun to school -- and accidentally shot himself with it, according to

The father, 41-year-0ld Letroy Cole Jr., has been arrested and charged with receiving stolen property and possessing a firearm as a convicted felon. A statement from the Huntsville police department did not elaborate on the nature of the charges.

"We are doing an extensive investigation into the chain of custody of the weapon," Huntsville Police Lt. Michael Johnson said. "We are looking at the chain of events as to how the kid got the weapon."

While the police said it was Cole's son who was shot, the school system's statement said that it was actually another child who was shot in the hand while Cole's son was passing him the gun.

What's the story?

According to school superintendent Christie Finley, the two boys were playing with the gun in the bathroom during gym class when the gun when one of the students was accidentally shot.

A teacher immediately sought first aid care for the injured student, whose injuries are reportedly not life-threatening. The gun was confiscated and the school was never put on lockdown.

"We never put the campus on lockdown because this was an accident," Finley said via statement. "Once the accident occurred, no other students were in danger. The school was safe, and class continued for our students."

What will the school do?

In response to the dangerous accident, Finley said the school system will look to implement a clear backpack policy and form a task force to figure out ways to promote gun safety among parents and hold them accountable for incidents like this one.

Meanwhile, the police took to social media to emphasize the importance of gun safety in the home.

"If you have weapons at home, please be sure and lock them down," Chief Mark McMurray said at a news conference. "Please, if you're a parent of a small child and you have a weapon at home, take this opportunity to lock it down."

(H/T Fox News)

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