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Commentary: If Dems are serious about believing sex allegations, then let’s look at PizzaGate again

Left-wing protesters attend a demonstration against President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh. (MARK RALSTON/AFP/Getty Images)

One of the better, or at least more entertaining, ways to defeat a false opinion in a debate is to work out the logical extreme of the faulty view.

So let’s talk about PizzaGate.

No, I’m not saying there’s any credibility in that absurd conspiracy theory. But what I am saying is that if Democrats and liberals are really serious about believing every allegation of sexual assault, then the FBI needs to drag Hillary Clinton and John Podesta (and pretty much every Democrat) into a dark room and interrogate them under harsh overhead lighting.

And the video of those interrogations should be recorded and published online for my unending amusement.

Is that absurd? Of course it is. And so is the position that we need to put the burden of proof of innocence on anyone accused of sexual assault.

For those who need a refresher, “PizzaGate” was a social media fad conspiracy theory where the less savory portions of the far-right fringe pored over leaked Podesta emails finding “evidence” that there was a massive child prostitution ring run by Hillary Clinton.

Among the “evidence” of the conspiracy was the obtuse way in which Podesta used the word “pizza” in an email thread. Someone fabricated a supposed report from the FBI that pedophiles used the word to refer to child victims, and off they want into irrational rabbit holes unsupported by facts.

Apropos of nothing, how about we replace a few words in the paragraph above. Let’s Mad Libs this puppy and replace Podesta with Kavanaugh, and so on and so forth. Ready? GO!

Among the “evidence” of the rape narrative was the obtuse way in which Kavanaugh used the word “boof” in a yearbook notation. Someone referenced an entry in “Urban Dictionary” that said sexual deviants used the word to refer to sex acts, and off they want into irrational rabbit holes unsupported by facts.

Wow, thats insane, isn’t it? Yes. It is.

And this is the strange landscape that Democrats, liberals, and their media accomplices have led us into, where any allegation of sexual assault must be taken as fact until the accused is able to prove they are innocent. It is a very dangerous idea, and there are far too many people who know it but don’t care, because they know that their political advantage lies in pushing PizzaGate level absurdities against Kavanaugh.

However, if the left is actually serious about this stuff, then please let me know when those interrogation videos are posted. If we’re going to hell in a hand basket I want to enjoy the ride.

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