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Vice president faced with unruly mob of protesters — video shows him handling it like a true patriot

Vice President Mike Pence doesn't back down when confronted by unruly protesters after Judge Brett Kavanaugh's historic confirmation on Saturday. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Vice President Mike Pence kept his shoulders high and squared on Saturday despite anti-Kavanaugh protesters screaming and marching against Judge Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation.

What happened?

Instead of leaving the Capitol building through a side door after Saturday's historic confirmation, the vice president decided to face the demonstrators head-on and, with dignity, walked straight out of the building's front entrance and waved.

The anti-Kavanaugh protesters — many of who shrilled "Shame! Shame! Shame!" were gathered outside of the building and in addition to screaming profanities, many demonstrators also threw the middle finger at those politicians exiting the building.

When Pence walked out, according to Fox News, those people who were demonstrating their angst and anger increased in frequency and volume.

Pence reportedly stopped for a moment, and assistant Sergeant-at-Arms Jim Morehand reportedly told the vice president that an alternate exit was available if Pence preferred.

Pence began to turn, according to the report, but he stopped and issued a three-word command: "Let's do it."

Pence and his security detail proceeded down the front steps of the building and approached his motorcade, waving at the angry crowd all the way.

The Senate confirmed Kavanaugh on Saturday a 50-48 vote.

What did Pence do?

On Twitter, Fox News' Chad Pergram documented the incident.

Pergram wrote, "After Kavanaugh vote, Pence walked from the chamber with his detail to the exit which would open the doors up to the Senate steps. They swing the doors open … and all you can see is a throng of protesters across the plaza ... and hear are protesters shouting 'Shame! Shame! Shame!'"

"As Pence stands in doorway of Capitol at top of Senate steps, protesters across the plaza spot him and start shouting louder," Pergram added. "His motorcade waits at the bottom of the Capitol steps."

Pergram added that the vice president was "indecisive" for a moment, but quickly made up his mind.

"Pence stands for a moment in Senate doorway, indecisive, w/protesters hollering," Pergram wrote. "Pence then reverses course to exit Capitol another way. Pence walks a few steps. Pivots & says 'let’s do it.' Pence then defiantly walks down the Capitol steps and waves to Kavanaugh protesters."

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