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Another CNN host lost his cool when a panelist called leftist protesters a 'mob

Don Lemon got frustrated with Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis for using the word "mob" to describe left wing protesters. (Image source: CNN video screenshot)

Daily Beast columnist Matt Lewis had a tough day at CNN on Wednesday, drawing the ire of not one, but two CNN hosts for describing leftist protesters as a "mob."

The first incident came when Brooke Baldwin tried to shut him down, saying they were not going to use the "m-word" to describe liberal protests.

Later that same day, the conservative Lewis was a panelist on "CNN Tonight" with Don Lemon. The same topic came up, and Lewis once again dared to use the "m-word" and the conversation came to a screeching halt as Lemon grew increasingly angry.

The exchange

"I’m waiting for liberals -- intellectually honest liberals -- to admit that when you harass Ted Cruz at a restaurant, that is also mob-like behavior," Lewis said, questioning the consistency of the liberal media in how they describe demonstrations by the left versus those by the right.

The two then dove into a back-and-forth in which Lemon claimed that these recent left-wing protests didn't represent mobs, but that they were just Americans who are just dissatisfied.

"No, it is not mob behavior," Lemon said. "It's people who are upset and they're angry with the way the country is going."

Lewis attempted to interject at this point, and Lemon started losing his patience.

"Would you let me finish?" Lemon asked, raising his voice.

"Are you the moderator or the host, or are you arguing a liberal talking point?" Lewis challenged after Lemon demanded he let him make his point.

After some more cross talk as Lemon tried to explain his stance, Lemon told Lewis he could leave the show if he wanted, but that he needed to "shut up" and let Lemon finish.

Why so sensitive?

The use of the word mob has become even more sensitive for liberals after it was used by President Donald Trump at a campaign rally this week.

"You don’t hand matches to an arsonist, and you don’t give power to an angry, left-wing mob. And that’s what the Democrats have become," Trump said.

(H/T The Hill)

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