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In returning to ‘The View’ after Sen. John McCain’s death, Meghan delivers moving remarks on faith

Meghan McCain gets emotional while talking about her late father, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz), who died in August after a battle with brain cancer. (Image source: ABC News video screenshot)

Meghan McCain, co-host on "The View," returned to the show this week after taking a hiatus to mourn the loss of her father, Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz).

The senator died Aug. 25 after a battle with brain cancer, and in faith-filled remarks, Meghan said that her faith — along with her father's wishes — helped her to forge ahead during her trials.

What did she say on the show?

During Monday's show, a tearful Meghan expressed her gratitude to the American people for their support.

"I really want to thank all of America with being so kind with my family," she said, and admitted that her father played a large role in her returning to the production.

"[My father] wanted me to come back here, which is why I'm here," she added, and later launched into a eulogy for her late dad.

Meghan went on to note that many people said that good, conservative values died along with the former senator, but she dispelled that notion.

"[They] didn't, [they are] alive and well and I need us to remember that," she emphatically proclaimed.

Meghan went on to note that she could only credit her father for making her as strong of a woman as she is to date.

"Some fathers raise their daughters to be seen and not heard, they raise their daughters not to speak out," she explained.

"Raise strong women!" Meghan added. "Really, the only thing that is keeping me right now is how tough he made me!"

Meghan also tipped her hat to some of her father's longtime friends like former Vice President Joe Biden and former Sen. Joe Lieberman.

“God is real. I wouldn’t be here without my faith,” she explained. “I also wouldn’t be here without Joe Biden and Joe Lieberman. Those two men have carried me through this experience.”

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