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Restaurant employee refuses to serve cop — and calls 911 to report the officer for harassment

A Taco Bell/KFC employee reportedly refused to serve an officer — and then called 911 to report the alleged incident. (Image source: WDAZ-TV video screenshot)

A Taco Bell/KFC employee reportedly refused service to a North Dakota Highway Patrol officer during the weekend of Oct. 6, and then called the police on the trooper.

What are the details of the incident?

According to WDAZ-TV, the unnamed officer — who was in uniform at the time — arrived at the Devils Lake, North Dakota, restaurant, and the unnamed employee denied the officer service.

The employee — who reportedly has a criminal record, and who claimed to have been arrested by this particular officer before — accused the trooper of harassment, and cited that as the reason that the employee would not serve the officer.

The North Dakota Highway Patrol reported that the trooper had just transferred to the area from another part of the state, and had never arrested the employee before.

The trooper began discussing the incident with the restaurant manager, and that's when the employee phoned 911 to report to dispatchers that the officer was harassing him.

The employee reportedly told the 911 dispatcher not to send any officers to the scene, because the employee was reportedly worried that those officers would simply harass the employee, too.

What did the restaurant say about the incident?

Kentucky Fried Chicken issued an apology on Tuesday, and admitted that the company had spoken with the trooper in question.

"The franchise who owns this location is conducting an investigation of this matter," the company said in a statement to the station.  "The franchisee has contacted the trooper who was involved to apologize and assure him of their ongoing support of law enforcement."

The company's corporate office also said that the restaurant would cater a free lunch for the North Dakota Highway Patrol as a result of the incident.

The company did not announce the employee's fate, or if the employee would be facing disciplinary action.

Watch a video report on the incident here.

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