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Christine Blasey Ford updates fundraising page, says testifying against Kavanaugh was 'terrifying

College professor Christine Blasey Ford testified against then-SCOTUS nominee Brett Kavanaugh at a Senate Judicial Committee hearing in September. She has kept a fairly low profile since testifying, and her GoFundMe page has raised nearly $650,000. (Jim Bourg-Pool/Getty Images)

Christine Blasey Ford shared on a fundraising page how "terrifying" it was to testify against then-Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh but noted that she's "grateful" that she was able to fulfill her "civic duty."

"Although coming forward was terrifying, and caused disruption to our lives, I am grateful to have had the opportunity to fulfill my civic duty," Ford wrote in a recent post on GoFundMe.

She said that the fundraiser, which raised nearly $650,000, had allowed her family to "take reasonable steps to protect ourselves against frightening threats, including physical protection and security for me and my family, and to enhance the security for our home."

Ford has kept a fairly low profile since testifying before the Senate Judiciary Committee in September.

"Words are not adequate to thank all of you who supported me since I came forward to tell the Senate that I had been sexually assaulted by Brett Kavanaugh," she wrote Thursday.

The Palo Alto University psychology professor claimed that Kavanaugh had sexually assaulted her during high school in the 1980s. Her accusations were uncorroborated by alleged witnesses.

Kavanaugh has adamantly denied all of Ford's allegations.

What else did she say?

Ford thanked her supporters for their support.

"Your tremendous outpouring of support and kind letters have made it possible for us to cope with the immeasurable stress, particularly the disruption to our safety and privacy. Because of your support, I feel hopeful that our lives will return to normal," she said.

How has the GoFundMe money been used?

Ford described the donations as a "godsend" that helped pay for a security service since Sept. 19, a security system for her home, the costs of housing and security while she was in Washington, D.C., and local housing for some of the time since she returned to California.

"Part of the time we have been able to stay with our security team in a residence generously loaned to us," she wrote.

The GoFundMe campaign, which had an initial goal of $150,000, is no longer accepting donations.

"All funds unused after completion of security expenditures will be donated to organizations that support trauma survivors," Ford added.

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