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'Blam!': Armed homeowner recounts moment he fatally shot intruder — and says he has 'no sympathy\

Armed homeowner Charles Sweeney recounted the moment he fatally shot a man who broke into his Tulsa, Oklahoma, residence Tuesday morning. And Sweeney said he has "no sympathy" for the intruder. (Image source: KOTV-DT video screenshot)

The lesson here? Don't mess with Charles Sweeney. And certainly don't break into his home.

As Sweeney told KOTV-DT, unlawful entry into his Tulsa, Oklahoma, residence is "gonna end badly."

One guy who didn't get the memo discovered that the hard way Tuesday morning.

What happened?

Sweeney told the station he was awakened by noises from his bathroom, figured it was a break in, and "grabbed a pistol which is right there where I sleep" and "cocked the hammer back so the trigger would be in single-action mode."

Seconds later he told KOTV the intruder came into view — and that was enough for him.

"Blam!" Sweeney recalled to the station of his shot to the intruder's chest. "Boy, that 9 millimeter is real loud inside the house."

The homeowner added to KOTV: "When he clenched up his chest, he says ‘I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry,’ and he retreats back to the bathroom, and he tried to get out the same window, but he didn't make it."

Sweeney called police after the shooting, the station said, and cops said Donald Stovall died inside Sweeney's home.

Image source: KOTV-DT video screenshot

'I have no sympathy'

Sweeney added to KOTV that he places the blame for the shooting on the intruder.

"He brought this on himself," he told the station. "I have no sympathy."

Charles Sweeney (Image source: KOTV-DT video screenshot)

Sweeney added to KOTV: "He got inside the interior of my house, and I didn't know if he had a weapon, and I thought my life was in danger. I shot him, and I'll do it again."

Not the first time

As it happens, Sweeney found himself in a similar situation five years ago, again shooting a man who broke into his house. But Michael Watts survived and is in prison, the station said.

What did police have to say?

Police are investigating the shooting, but Capt. Karen Tipler told KOTV people have the right to defend themselves.

"If you're in your home, and you have an intruder come in and you feel that you are in fear of your life or the life of someone else who may be in that home, you are well within your rights to defend yourself,” Tipler told the station.

Image source: KOTV-DT video screenshot

'It's gonna end badly'

Sweeney told KOTV he just wants people to stop breaking into his house.

"I wish they'd stop breaking in," he noted to the station. "I wish people would stop bothering me."

He added a final warning to KOTV: "I had a concealed handgun license since the summer of '96. Don't break into my house. It's gonna end badly. I will defend the place."

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