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Photos and video from the earthquake in Alaska are incredible, but residents already recovering

The destruction to roads and highways was extensive in a massive earthquake that struck Alaska on November 30.

The destructive force unleashed on Alaksa in the 7.0 earthquake near Anchorage over the weekend is hard to fathom. People often say scenes from Alaska are breathtaking, and that's true of the below pics as well, but for a very different reason than the state's natural beauty.

Still, despite the fury of nature, tough Alaskan residents are already getting back to their daily lives. Although the first strike was massive and knocked out power and roads, and there have been over a thousand aftershocks from Friday through Sunday afternoon, the hardy people of the state are putting things back together.

There were no fatalities or even serious injuries reported over the weekend as a result of the quake or aftershocks. It's the second biggest quake the state has seen since becoming a state, but Anchorage was well-prepared, said city officials.

"The power is up. The heat is on. The communication lines are opening," Anchorage Municipal Manager Bill Falsey told NBC News in an on-air report.

The state has given government employees who are not involved in repair the day off Monday in an effort to minimize travel. “Even though we are making very significant progress on the highway travel, it would still behoove all of us to see if we can keep the volumes down,” falsey told reporters at a press conference.

There was almost no major structural damage, thanks to the building of earthquake-resistent structures in the state for the last 30+ years.

Nevertheless, it was a scary moment with some incredible aftermath. Take a look:

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This shows the moment of the quake caught on a security camera.

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