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Angry parent reads sexually charged passage from HS library book to school board. Board member cuts her off, says children could be listening.

Image source: Rumble video screenshot

An angry parent read a sexually charged passage from a high school library book to a Georgia public school board Thursday, making the point that the book's content is inappropriate for students.

But upon hearing the parent read the steamy words from "Homegoing," a Cherokee County School Board member cut off the angry parent.


Well, PJ Media reported that board member Patsy Jordan said it was "inappropriate" for the the parent to read the passage since the meeting was being streamed online — and children could be watching or listening.

“Don’t you find the irony in that?" the parent shot back at Jordan. "You’re saying exactly what I’m telling you! You’re giving it to our children! I would never give this to my children!"

'All this happened under your watch'

"All this happened under your watch," the parent added to the board. "Maybe if you spent more time reading these books instead of calculating the statistical demographics of those submitting the books, you wouldn't [be] grooming our children. You're saying that we're embarrassing you? Well, you're embarrassing us and our kids. It's not OK! You are supposed to be giving them a safe space in school. These books? If can't email them to you, if I can't say them, they shouldn't be in the school!"

What's more, the outlet said board Chairwoman Kyla Cromer later in the meeting defended keeping such books available. Cromer emphasized that such books aren't forced on students, and to read them, they have to check them out at the library. Cromer also said that parents who object to such books being available don't have the right to take them out of the hands of other students who may want to read them.

In a video showing Cromer's rebuttal, an audience member yelled that board members "should be arrested," but Cromer shot back saying the unhappy individual "could be removed" from the meeting.

PJ Media, citing the mother who read the sexually charged book passage to the board, said police officers approached the individual who yelled the reference to board members getting arrested and escorted her out of the meeting room.

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