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Animal expert lets giant hornet — similar to 'murder hornet' — sting him on video: 'It's not something you want to get stung by'


'Absolute searing pain'

Image source: YouTube screenshot, composite

On the heels of news that the Asian "murder hornet" has been discovered in the United States for the first time, videos of an animal expert allowing a similar hornet sting him are lighting up the internet.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

What are the details?

Coyote Peterson — with his "Brave Wilderness" crew — had embarked on a mission a while back to experience the most painful stings in the world first hand. Among them...

An executioner wasp:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A bullet ant:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A swarm of bees:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A giant desert centipede:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

A tarantula hawk wasp:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

He even endured a gila monster bite:

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In short, they don't call Peterson the "King of Sting" for nothing.

Back to the lecture at hand

In 2018, Peterson & Co. traveled to Japan, captured a Japanese giant hornet, and then Peterson went to great lengths to let it sting him to demonstrate the effects on his body while video rolled.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

After the sting, Peterson somehow managed to place a glass container back over the hornet.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Then he howled in agony. "Absolute searing pain," he told his companions. Sprawled on the ground, he added that a wave of dizziness hit him.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

His arm also quickly swelled up — eventually to almost twice its size, he said — and the venom went to work.

Image source: YouTube screenshot

In a follow-up "Brave Wilderness" video posted Tuesday, Peterson revisited the Japanese giant hornet sting in light of the "murder hornet" news that swept the globe over the weekend.

Indeed, he confessed the "excruciating" sting felt like a "red hot poker" shoved into his arm and stayed there "for close to six hours" and that he felt "intense pain" for 36 hours.

"Trust me," he concluded. "It's not something you want to get stung by."

Helpful facts

But Peterson added in the new clip that the giant hornet's sting was merely the second most painful he's experienced — and that the executioner wasp took the crown in his estimation.

He also said the "murder hornet" moniker is a made-up term to hype its discovery in the U.S., that only one was found here, and it's unlikely to ravage America anytime soon, if at all.

Peterson also said hornets won't bother you if you don't bother them, and it would take 20 to 30 stings from a giant hornet to kill a human.

MURDER HORNET MADNESS! - 10 Things You NEED to know!youtu.be

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