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'Jesus Christ is coming back!' declares apparent Trump supporter after DC rally. Antifa militant punches him from behind in head soon after.


Victim didn't turn the other cheek in this case; instead he chased the cowardly culprit down the sidewalk

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

With every cowardly attack, Antifa is drawing a pretty clear picture of what the leftist militants are all about:

What's the latest?

Oh, almost forgot: Antifa bros also like to attack their opponents from behind. And that stomach-turning tactic was on full display after the rally supporting President Donald Trump in Washington, D.C., on Saturday.

A couple was caught on video strolling down the sidewalk with a gang of Antifa militants following them.

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

Then the man — an apparent Trump supporter — declares as video rolls that "Jesus Christ is coming again!"

There's a brief cut in the clip that shows the couple having moved down the sidewalk about a building's length — and then a rather large Antifa militant comes up to the man from behind and wallops him in the side of the head:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

Soon after the victim apparently was maced:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

But does the leftist who hit the man stick around to finish him off? Nope. As noted above, Antifa also are very adept at running away — and that's just what this tough guy did.

Not that it deterred the victim at all, who put aside turning the other cheek for the moment and ran after his assailant:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

But alas, it was to no avail; the Antifa bro was rather fleet of foot.

At some other point in the proceedings the victim — after being punched in the head from behind and maced — was tackled from behind near a bicycle by yet another Antifa militant who also punched him from behind several times:

Image source: Instagram video screenshot via @livesmatterofficial

Of course, like clockwork, the assailant scoots away. The victim appears to have some sort of baton on him. Maybe it would come in handy — if his attackers ever manage the guts to come at him face to face.

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