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Leftist thug in 'security' vest kicks man in head from behind, knocking him out, after Portland militants beat him, force him to sit in street after truck crash


'Black lives matter, n*****!'

Image source: Twitter video screenshot

A leftist thug wearing a "security" vest was caught on video kicking a man in the head from behind, knocking him out, after Portland rioters beat him and forced him to sit in the street Sunday night after the victim crashed his truck.

The kick to the head caused the victim to fall backward and slam his head on the street; he appeared to be out cold as a result.

Here's the clip. (Content warning: Language):

After the kick, an Antifa militant pulls a crying woman to the sidewalk and explains that "he wrecked his car, and he got beat up because he tried to run people over ..."

The clip then shows people rifling through the back of the victim's truck, purportedly looking for "weapons," before showing people attending to the victim as blood oozes from the back of his head. Someone shouts "black lives matter, n*****!"

Content warning: Language and graphic images:

The Oregonian reported that after a "large police response," an ambulance took the victim to a hospital with serious injuries, and the truck was towed. The incident occurred shortly before 10:30 p.m., the paper said, citing dispatch records.

What allegedly led to the attack on the man?

While militants were heard on video accusing the victim of attempting to run them over, a number of video clips preceding the man getting kicked in the head appear to tell a different story.

Journalist Drew Hernandez said he witnessed how it all unfolded. His video shows the man who was eventually kicked in the head defending a woman who was beaten, harassed, and robbed by an assortment of leftist thugs.

Content warning: Language:

Then the mob focused their violence upon the man and his female companion. He attempts to get away, but his truck crashes a couple of blocks away. ( Content warning: Language):

After the crash, the mob descends upon the man outside his truck, and they take turns beating him and forcing him to sit in the street. ( Content warning: Language):

Here's a clip of the thug in the "security" vest — who soon kicked the man in the head from behind — showing him repeatedly punching he man in the head. (Content warning: Language):

Hernandez tweeted other videos showing Portland militants attacking, threatening, and harassing other people in the streets Sunday. (Content warning: Language):

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