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AOC says she feels 'disrespected' when President Trump refers to her as 'AOC.' Twitter tells her to sit down.


Priorities, priorities

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Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.) blasted President Donald Trump on Thursday night after he dared refer to her as "AOC" during the evening's final presidential debate.

Trump brought up the freshman congresswoman and her Green New Deal during remarks to Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden during the debate.

What are the details?

Ocasio-Cortez tweeted, "If someone told me 3 years ago, while I was waitressing to help my family stay afloat, that in a few short years an unhinged President of the United States would be repeatedly saying my name at the 2020 debate, I would've brought them some water and told them to sober up."

She added, "I wonder if Republicans understand how much they advertise their disrespect of women in debates when they consistently call women members of Congress by nicknames or first names while using titles & last names when referring to men of stature. Women notice. It conveys a lot."

"AOC is a name given to me by community & the people," she groused. "Y'all can call me AOC. Government colleagues referring to each other in a public or professional context (aka who don't know me like that) should refer to their peers as 'Congresswoman,' 'Representative,' etc. Basic respect 101."


As highlighted by the Daily Wire, the congresswoman's remarks garnered criticism and scorn.

One user wrote, "Why is it disrespectful. Even leftist media calls her AOC. Just seems like shes [sic] just capitalizing on a chance to make Trump look like a misogynist for no reason."

Another added, "The first signal that a person in a leadership position is not a leader is when they insist that people use their title. It's ego-protecting weakness and a character flaw. Respect is earned and leaders don't need a title."

Daily Wire podcast host Michael Knowles chimed in, "He called Joe Biden 'Joe.' Get over yourself."

BlazeTV host Lauren Chen added, "AOC is not a nickname, they're your initials. JFK is also not a nickname. The FBI, again, is not a nickname. You can maybe say that Trump should've still used your official title, but Obama was also referenced sans title, and you don't see him whining about it on Twitter[.]"

Author Chad Felix Greene quipped, "As a fellow three-namer. Its [sic] just easier to say. You're not special. Calm down. - CFG."

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