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Australian woman jailed for falsifying resume to land $185k government gig


She even used a photo of model Kate Upton as her LinkedIn profile picture

Image source: 7 News Australia YouTube video screenshot

An Australian woman has been sentenced to serve at least a year in jail, after pleading guilty to charges related to her falsifying her resume in order to obtain a $185,000 government job.

What are the details?

Veronica Hilda Theriault, 45, was sentenced Tuesday to 25 months behind bars, 12 of which are not eligible for parole, after admitting to "deception, dishonestly dealing with documents and abuse of public office in September 2017," Australia's ABC News reported.

Theriault was hired to serve as chief information officer within the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and lasted about a month into the job before "her mental health declined and her crimes were uncovered."

The court heard that Theriault not only lied on her resume and fabricated credentials to get her foot in the door, she impersonated one of her references on a phone call with a recruiter, and even used an image of American supermodel Kate Upton as her LinkedIn profile picture.

Shortly after landing the gig, Theriault also hired her brother, who was also unqualified for the government position she handed him.

This isn't the first time Theriault has been accused of pulling such a scheme. According to CNN, the court was told she also falsified her resume to get hired by private firms in 2012 and 2014.

Theriault's attorney previously said his client was "deeply ashamed and embarrassed" over the ordeal, and argued that her crimes involved a "unique set of circumstances that were unlikely to be repeated."

Woman jailed for using fake resume to gain highly-paid government job | Adelaide | 7NEWS

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