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Guest speaker plays 'F*** Donald Trump' music video at Christian college — and the school ain't too happy


'The University feels betrayed by the deception implicit in the actions of the guest speaker'

Image source: YouTube screenshot

Music professor Joseph Morgan was a guest speaker Wednesday at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, and was supposed to give a lecture about "Popular Music and Presidential Politics," Campus Reform reported.

It seemed clear early on, however, that Morgan wasn't going to take that route in front of students at the Christian college.

For starters, the lecture title on the screen behind him reportedly read, "Popular Music and the Impending Tyranny of Donald Trump," the outlet said — a far cry from the advertised title.

And then the coup de grace: Morgan, who teaches at Middle Tennessee State University, played a music video with the line "f*** Donald Trump" repeated over and over.

The moment was caught on video. (Content warning: Oh, you know why):

Students who spoke with Lone Conservative said the speaker also used the words "p***y" and "vagina" and showed videos that use the N-word.

It appears the music video featured in the preceding cellphone clip is the same hip-hop tune by YG & Nipsey Hussle that made headlines during the 2016 presidential campaign. You might recall that a New Hampshire math teacher got in hot water for dressing as Trump for Halloween that year and dancing to said tune in front of her students.

What did the college hosting the lecture have to say?

Belmont University tweeted an apology later in the day after video surfaced on social media, Campus Reform said.

"Earlier today an outside speaker appeared at Belmont University and shared content about politics and popular culture that was biased and disrespectful. Some of the content presented, including the presentation title which was different from what had been approved by University officials, was outside the lines of what was expected. The University feels betrayed by the deception implicit in the actions of the guest speaker. Belmont University does not endorse the message that was delivered and also strongly objects to the obscene language that was used. We apologize to anyone who was offended as today's event was not reflective of our Christian identity nor of our institutional commitment to civil political discourse."

Campus Reform said it reached out to Morgan and Middle Tennessee State University for comment but did not receive an immediate reply.

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