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Biden voters blast 'the nothingness' of Biden's unfulfilled promises, under-delivered results

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The moment appears bleak for President Joe Biden.

Not only is Biden hemorrhaging approval in polls, but on-the-ground support is quickly eroding as voters who helped propel him to victory vent frustration over his unfulfilled promises.

What are the details?

Georgia played a key role in Biden's road to the White House. He won the Peach State by fewer than 12,000 votes, a narrow victory that awarded him 16 critical Electoral College votes. The voter registration campaign led by Democrat Stacey Abrams probably helped push Biden over the top.

But unfulfilled promises and under-delivered results have Democratic voters in Georgia who supported Biden with nothing but frustrations.

Activists who spoke with the Washington Post said:

  • W. Mondale Robinson, founder of the Black Male Voter Project: "I think the frustration is at an all-time high. ... Black men are pissed off about the nothingness that has happened."
  • Nsé Ufot, chief executive of the New Georgia Project: "If midterms are about enthusiasm and turnout, who do you think is excited to vote on Nov. 2 at this moment? Because it ain't Democrats. It ain't black folks. It ain't young people."
  • Adelina Nicholls of the Georgia Latino Alliance for Human Rights: "The concern that we have is that the Democratic Party, they keep repeating the same mistakes. We worked for something here. Let's try something new. Let's be different. What good is a politician that doesn't work for the benefit of the community that elected him?"

The dissonance between Biden's promises and actual accomplishments is so big, in fact, that Robinson told the Post that Democratic politicians will have a tough time securing the same demographic of voters in future elections that helped Democrats take control of the White House and Senate this year and last.

"They can't call me and ask me to serve my brothers up on a platter for their benefit," he said. "They can't have my data, they can't have access to what I know about black men from the work that we do, unless I see something serious for black men. And that requires a conversation with [black men] long before Labor Day on an election year."

What do polls show?

While Biden's overall approval ratings continue to go in the wrong direction — his average approval is 43% and disapproval is 52.3%, according to RealClearPolitics — Biden is hemorrhaging support among critical voter demographics.

According to a recent Pew Research Center survey, Biden, in just two months time from July to September, dropped 18% in approval among black Americans (85% to 67%), 16% among Hispanics (72% to 56%), 12% among women (57% to 45%), 14% among Americans aged 18-29 (56% to 42%), and even 13% among Democratic voters (88% to 75%).

Worst of all, Biden lost 12% among independent voters (54% to 42%), the voter group most critical to winning presidential elections.

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